Saratoga Farmstead is a Designated Gold Certified Green Lodging Property

The B&B first achieved certification in 2009 with a silver rating. Through efforts led by owners Rosemary Jensen and Mariana DiToro, the B&B has improved to reach Gold Certification. The Saratoga Farmstead’s environmental highlights include energy efficient lighting and windows, chemical-free landscaping, composting of food scraps, serving local, eco-friendly wines and foods, and selling local food products. The owners are also currently constructing an addition to the building which will include
solar panels for onsite renewable energy generation.

“Finding this unique property 13 years ago was a turning point in our lives. We immediately felt that we were to be the protectors of this last 8.5 acres of a large Civil War period farm. With the help of Audubon, International, we have been armed with the tools to create an environmentally friendly bed and breakfast, where guests can enjoy fresh local foods, fresh air, sound environmental practices and the beauty of being surrounded by nature – all just 2 miles from downtown Saratoga Springs, NY.”

Saratoga Farmstead Bed & Breakfast is one of 63 Audubon International Certified Green Lodging Properties, and it is the 18th property to achieve Gold Certification. Certified properties are rated in the categories of Communication and Education; Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling; Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, and Indoor Air Quality. To earn certification, all properties receive a site visit by an Audubon International staff member and undergo a recertification process every three years.

“Saratoga Farmstead is a great example of how even a small operation such as a bed and breakfast has a part to play in Saratoga’s environmental future,” said Katie Hopkins, Associate Director of Outreach & Communications at Audubon International. “They not only have taken steps to lower their own impact on the environment, but they continue to inspire guests and the community to develop a greater environmental ethic.”



About Audubon International
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